Dominoes Starter Tristan and Isolde


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Tristan and Isolde are in love, but Isolde must marry King Mark. So a happy love story seems impossible…

The lovers meet every day but then, one night, King Mark finds them together. Now Tristan must leave the castle, but he is badly hurt and dying. Only Isolde can help him.

Can Isolde find Tristan in time? Can their love survive?

  • Part of: Dominoes
  • Level: Dominoes Starter
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-424713-9
  • Pages: 56
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 210×148 mm

Dominoes is a full-colour, interactive readers series that offers students a fun reading experience while building their language skills. With integrated activities, an interactive MultiROM, and exciting, fully dramatized audio for every story, the new edition of the series makes reading motivating for students while making it easy for you to develop their reading and language skills.

Key features
  • Carefully graded, beautifully illustrated stories
  • Fully dramatized audio recordings featuring native-speaker actors, music, and sound effects
  • Integrated activities to develop reading skills and increase active vocabulary
  • Seven pages of grammar activities in every book
  • Interactive MultiROM containing a range of activities and games (for every book)
  • Two personalized projects in every book


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